Monsters of the Sea is a comprehensive educational exhibition that plunge visitors in a journey to the past of the acuatic world. Each monster features life-like movements, colors and textures, delivering unique “real life” encounters with these massive creatures.

Our team of scientific experts designed the layout of  Monsters of the Sea with careful consideration for even the smallest factual details. Illustrated displays and informational panels provide instructional and educational material for visitors of all ages.


Sea Monsters is curated by Argentinian paleontologist and natural scientist, Dr. Sebastian Apesteguia and Dr. Adrian Giacchino, Director of the Flix de Azara Foundation. The Flix de Azara Foundation of Natural History is a non- governmental, non-profit organization with the aim of contributing to the conservation of nature and cultural heritage, the development of science, and the sustainable use of natural resources.

Since it was founded in 2000, the Foundation has contributed more than fifty research and conservation projects, participated as an editor or sponsor for more than two hundred books and documentaries on science and nature, promoted the creation of nature reserves, worked in the rescue and management of wildlife, promoted research and dissemination of science information for private universities, assisted in the preparation of various environmental laws, organized conferences, courses and nearly one hundred lectures. Within a decade of its conception, the Foundation became synonymous with prestige, quality and excellence as a landmark institution for the development and dissemination of science and conservation of natural and cultural resources in Argentina.


Editable panels 


• Comprehensive copy panels 

• Different species of animatronic sea monsters

   with full range of motion and scientifically accurate coloring and textures.

• Multimedia experiences

• Exhibit theme music

• Landscape backdrops and curtains  

• Scenery including plants, trees, rocks and sea weed.

• Truss and structural elements

• Rustic railings and barricades

*Surround sound sistema



Editable artwork 


  • Children’s creativity and drawing rea
  • Fossile replica rea
  • Photo opportunity
  • Free app (IOS & Android)



• Space required: Ideal 1000 to 2500 also adaptable

  to smaller venues

• Display period: 3 to 12 months

• Shipping requirement: four 40’ shipping


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