The Da Vinci Exhibition curated and presented by Aurea Exhibitions is the most robust and comprehensive touring exhibition on Da Vinci in the world. The exhibition was created in collaboration with Fundación Azara.  Aurea worked with Italian artisans responsible for interpreting the ancient Florentine dialect used by Leonardo Da Vinci. These expert artisans used Da Vinci’s Codices to design and construct Leonardo’s inventions, bringing to life many machines and devices that were designed but never created due to the lack of modern technologies in the 15th century. 

Each of the 65 inventions featured in the exhibition was built using precise details from the codices in an effort to produce the most accurate representations of his ideas.  These inventions are displayed as working models, and majority are interactive for visitors to enjoy and learn from.

Da Vinci The Exhibition sends visitors of all ages on a truly exciting and inspirational journey to the past where they will get to know the greatest genius that ever lived through innovation, creativity, science and technology.


1.    Life and times of Leonardo

2.    High quality reproductions of codices

3.    65 machine inventions

4.    Anatomical prints

5.    Renaissance art

6.    Documentary video

7.    Interactive areas

8.    Education materials

9.  Interactive application  (IOS, Android) 


 Led Lightboxes (2 x 2,40 mts. / 6,6 x 7,9 ft.) 

Sample Lay-out

Space requirements

1.    Ideally 1.000 square meters 

2.    Energy for lighting

3.    Ceiling height minimum of 13ft / 4,50 meters in some areas

4.    House lighting, cleaning lighting and emergency lighting

5.    Adequate box office, back-of-house, restroom facilities  and storage facilities  

Sponsorship opportunities

All and every industry is related to Leonardo:

1. Airlines. Leonardo was the father of flight.

2. Medical and pharmaceutical companies. Leonardo’s anatomical drawings led to the invention and use of many medical methods.

3. Banks. The industry uses some of Leonardo’s inventions.

4. Automotive industry.  Leonardo invented the first car.

5. Shipping and maritime industry. Leonardo conceived many inventions related to water.

6. Architecture.  Leonardo designed the ideal city.

7. Engineering industry.  Leonardo was a master 

 of mechanical principles.

8. Robotics.  Leonardo invented the first robot.

9. All other industries that use his inventions.  

Ancillary revenue

1. Merchandise

2. Hands-on activities

3. Private galas for corporations 

4. Private school sales

5. Government support with public  schools

Previous venues and visitor numbers


 Thailand: 100,000 visitors / Singapore: 110,000 visitors / Philippines: 150,000 visitors

 The Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas, USA / Museo de la Evolucion, Burgos, Spain / Carnegie Science Center, Pennsylvania, USA / Santander, Spain / Kiev, Ukraine / Faro de Vigo, Vigo, Spain / Alfandega de Porto, Portugal / Moody Gardens Galveston, Texas, USA / San Juan, Mendoza, Argentina / Union Station, Kansas City, USA / Puebla, Mexico  / National Science Museum, Thailand / Santiago de Chile, Chile / Monterrey y Guadalajara, Mexico, / Montevideo, Uruguay / Museo Interactivo de Ciencia (MIC), Quito, Ecuador / Mall of Asia, Manila, Philiippines / Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina /  Belo Horizonte, Brasil

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